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Conversion to Electronic Medical Records News

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  • 09.25.12 | MyChart Account Available Only After Physician Visit
    Many individuals have been inquiring about how they can establish a MyChart account.

    The only way a MyChart account can be setup, is by using the unique 15 character access code that is provided at the end of a face to face encounter with a Baton Rouge Clinic physician.
  • 09.04.12 | EPIC - World Premier EMR now at the Baton Rouge Clinic
    As we move further into the use of our EMR (electronic medical record) or EHR (electronic health record) we again want to extend our thanks for all those who have been part of our initial journey into the electronic world of medical records. Our focus, short of further improving our efficiency is to get more folks to sign up for MY CHART, your electronic access to your health information. After completing a physician visit, you will be given an access code that will only be active for 72 hours. It is used to establish your MY CHART account. We recommend that you establish one as it is your personal portal to refill requests, laboratory results, medication lists and many other features.

    We hope that this journey into the next phase of healthcare is as exciting to you as it has been for us! But as its name implies, EPIC is a large writing of literature, so will will our EPIC be a large part of our future in healthcare together!
  • 08.20.12 | EPIC - Week Three
    Week three of EPIC... and over the last week there has been some futher improvement; however we still not quite at full speed and truly appreciate everyone's understanding and patience!
  • 08.13.12 | EPIC - Week Two
    Week two of EPIC...and things are moving smoother this week, and we truly appreciate everyone's patience last week. There are still some delays in our laboratory and x-ray registration area, and if there are some routine labs that can be delayed for about a week, please do so.
  • 08.07.12 | EPIC IS HERE!!!
    Well it is August 7th, and after several years of planning, all of our clinical encounters, including labs, x-ray and, of course, physician visits are now electronic. Please be patient with us as we enter the world of the electronic medical record... we have done all that we can to make the transition as seamless, as efficient as we can to minimize any inconvenience for you. We do expect to be back at full speed very quickly.
  • 07.29.12 | EPIC Arrives August 7th!
    As summer rapidly comes to a close, the Baton Rouge Clinic is preparing for “go live” with Epic, our new electronic medical record (EMR). On August 7, 2012, our 100 doctors and nearly 500 employees will simultaneously begin using our newly installed EMR. Our staff and physicians have completed many hours of training and practice in preparation of our go-live, and along with technical support from program specialists, we are ready to launch the latest and best technological advances that healthcare has to offer our patients.
  • 06.04.12 | MyChart is coming later this summer!
    MyChart is an exciting on-line resource for your personal health information that is a special part of EPIC, The Baton Rouge Clinic’s new electronic medical record. Through a secure, password protected portal, patients will be able to access portions of their medical record, including medications lists, current diagnoses, test results and immunization records.
  • 05.21.12 | Baton Rouge Clinic converting to Electronic Medical Records System
    It is with great excitement that we announce our next big technological advancement in healthcare delivery. On August 7th we will be installing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). We have chosen to install EPIC, the number-one rated EMR in the country. One in four physicians across the United States uses EPIC as their EMR, successfully serving millions of patients. With this installation will come many new opportunities for us as providers and you as the patient.