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MyChart Account Available Only After Physician Visit

09.25.12 |

Many individuals have been inquiring about how they can establish a MyChart account.

EPIC, our new electronic medical record, offers a very unique feature to all of our patients called MyChart.  This feature provides individuals an opportunity to have internet access to their personal medical information, such as, allergies, medication lists, chronic diagnoses and problem list, laboratory data, and other features and details.

The only way a MyChart account can be setup, is by using the unique 15 character access code that is provided at the end of a face to face encounter with a Baton Rouge Clinic physician. This code is provided on a face to face basis to protect your personal identity when establishing a MyChart account. Once established you will have on demand access to your data in MyChart from any place you can access the internet. For elderly parents that whose care is being assisted or supervised by their children or caregiver, special proxy access can also be established to allow for access by additional individuals. This proxy can be revoked at any time by the patient or their legal representative.

Please note that the special access code is valid for only 72 hours after which it is inactivated until your next face to face physician encounter.