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About the Baton Rouge Clinic, AMC

Sixty years ago, The Baton Rouge Clinic was formed through the vision of four local physicians. They recognized the advantages and importance of a group practice and the level of excellence of care it would afford their patients. Over the years, we have grown to become the premier multi-specialty clinic in this Southern region. Our primary care physicians, in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine are board certified in their respective areas. A number of our Internists are recognized as Fellows in the American College of Physicians, as are a number of our pediatricians who are Fellows in the American Academy of Pediatrics. This distinction recognizes a physician for excellence in medical care, additional study, and commitment to community.

As Baton Rouge (Louisiana) and the surrounding community have grown, so have we. Today, we’re home to one of the area’s largest Internal Medicine and Pediatric Departments, and have the largest available number of Endocrinologists (diabetes, thyroid and other glandular disease), Pulmonologists (lungs), Rheumatologists (bones, joints, and connective diseases), and Pediatric Neurologists in this southern region.

Other highly qualified medical and surgical specialists in allergy and immunology, dermatology, ears nose and throat (ENT) surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, sleep medicine, geriatrics, urology, and adult neurology are available to help meet your specific healthcare needs. We also have specialty divisions in travel medicine, and a flight surgeon for FAA/pilot medical certificates. Other patient care areas include pediatric psychology (in connection with the Louisiana State University Department of Psychology, Pediatric Psychology Division), certified diabetic nurse educators, anticoagulation clinic for warfarin patients, and nutritionists, to name but a few.

We also have a complete, certified laboratory for on site testing that allows our physicians to provide you and your family efficient, high quality care. Most radiology studies including CAT scans, MRI, ultrasound, mammograms, bone density exams and regular x-rays are also available.

Any of our physicians are available for consultation and care for both patients from within the Clinic, as well as from any physician in our surrounding area and beyond.  We are also happy to accommodate patients who choose to self refer themselves to one of our board certified specialists.

Whether it is primary care for all ages - infants through geriatrics, or specialty care for complex disease states, or consultations, or second opinions, The Baton Rouge Clinic is prepared to help you!

More than 250,000 patients throughout the southeast region rely on The Baton Rouge Clinic for their health care needs. After all, we have been here for over 60 years… Caring for Generations!