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Our Mission & Values

At the Baton Rouge Clinic, our physicians are committed to providing a comprehensive level of quality health care for the entire family. From routine family care to specialized medical services, the Baton Rouge Clinic has been meeting the changing health care needs of our community for over half a century.

Successful organizations are driven by common values.  At The Baton Rouge Clinic, we believe that we have a set of values that drives our organization and defines our culture.

As members of the business and civic communities of Baton Rouge we are proud to do our best to employ the following values in all our associations:



We expect quality work at the Clinic. Since our primary purpose is the practice of medicine, we certainly expect our physicians to practice the highest quality of medicine. We seek physicians who have excelled in their education and training and have demonstrated superior abilities. We expect physicians to obtain and maintain Board certification in their specialty and subspecialties. Physicians must obtain at least the minimum of continuing medical education (CME) required. More importantly, we expect our physicians to be leaders and expert practitioners in their field. Just as we expect quality from our physicians, we expect similar quality from our ancillary medical personnel and administrative staff. Each member of the Clinic team is expected to develop, maintain, and continually improve the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exemplary care for each patient who entrusts us with their care.


As physicians, our primary role is to prevent and relieve human suffering. Such an important responsibility requires a sense of compassion and empathy for our fellow man. This compassion should be expressed in all our dealings with patients and their family and loved ones.  Likewise, this compassion should also be reflected on our attention to the physical and mental health of the physicians and employees. By constantly demonstrating compassion to others, our staff and all Clinic employees will understand the importance of this value in our daily work and our interactions with others.


As professionals who work together, as physicians who care for others, as employers, and as a business, we deal honestly and openly with ourselves and with others. We are honest about our abilities and about our limitations. We do not mislead our patients or their families. We comply with laws and expectations regarding our practice of medicine and our business associations and dealings.


At the Baton Rouge Clinic, we take pride in the fact that we strive to treat everyone with whom we interact fairly: Patients, Employees, The Baton Rouge Community, and our Medical Staff and Physicians. Fairness also involves treating others with respect and dignity, and treating others the way you want to be treated.


Many individuals and families in the greater metropolitan area have chosen The Baton Rouge Clinic as their healthcare provider. In appreciation of the community’s generous support, we understand the importance of giving back to the greater Baton Rouge community. As a Clinic, we recognize the importance of contributing to the welfare and betterment of our community, and strive to fulfill this obligation. Individually, physicians at the Clinic are actively involved in a number of community organizations including many Churches and Synagogues, Scouting, volunteer boards, and the Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic, to list a few.