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The level of dedication we bring to each one of our patients has afforded us longevity in the region. Along the way, we have forged personal relationships with our patients, all of whom have come to trust and honor the way we do business. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us.

Rare Genetic Disorder
Nick Bosse was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder that severely affected his ability to lead a life most would term "normal." For over a year, for six hours every Tuesday, young Nick has received a revolutionary new treatment administered by the infusion center at The Baton Rouge Clinic.

"The Baton Rouge Clinic has made it as easy as possible for us to get this treatment right here close to home," says Nick's mom, Mignon Bosse. "It's always the same two nurses who are there and they treat Nick so special. They even stay late for him and walk us to our car since we sometimes close the Clinic down. Now our whole family goes there. Honestly, after years of trauma with both our boys, the Baton Rouge Clinic has helped us live a normal life."

Mignon Bosse, Patient Baton Rouge

I was shocked
Odom Vaughn was shocked when he lost vision in his eye one day. After a trip to Baton Rouge Clinic, his primary care physician referred him to the Clinic's new Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention where they discovered he had experienced a small stroke.

"I was very impressed with the team at The Baton Rouge Clinic. They did not hesitate to collaborate between their doctors and specialists to quickly diagnose my problem and then they worked hard to find the exact combination of medicines to treat my specific symptoms. Through it all they were not only professional, but very personable. I couldn't have asked for a better team."

Odom Vaughn, Patient Baton Rouge

Passed Legacy to Children
Bob and Toni Cutrer became patients of the Baton RougeClinic soon after they were first married, so it was only natural that their children Dean and Kim receive their pediatric care at the Clinic as well. Flash forward nearly 40 years later and Dean Cutrer, his wife Rochelle and girls, Kendall and Taylor round out three generations of happy Baton Rouge Clinic patients.

"I grew up going to the Clinic and now I take my kids there, too." — Dean Cutrer

"ENT, gastro, dermatology, the Clinic has had everything we've needed right there in one place." — Toni Cutrer

"They have such a wide selection of pediatricians and they're so accommodating. They're in on weekends and they take their time when treating the girls so you don't feel rushed." — Rochelle Cutrer

Cutrer Family, Patients Baton Rouge